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Get by with a little help from Presbyterian SeniorCare Network

Alzheimer’s support services are available at Woodside Place in Oakmont, PA.

Alzheimer’s disease is life-changing for both those who are diagnosed and those close to them. Having a helping hand when you need it is key to keeping yourself, and your loved one living with dementia, healthy and happy. At Woodside Place of Presbyterian SeniorCare Network in Oakmont, when you need a little help or an ear to listen, support services are available.

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services offer people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias the opportunity to be social and to participate in activities in a safe environment.

Consider Adult Day Services if:
  • You are a full-time caregiver: Adult Day Services can provide a much needed break. While your loved one is at adult day, you’ll have time to rest, run errands or finish other tasks.
  • You work during the day: Adult Day Services can help you to balance a job with caregiving duties.
  • You want a safe, caring environment for your loved one: Adult Day Service is a chance for your loved one to share time with their peers. It provides a chance for them to be social and to participate in engaging activities such as music and exercise programs, as well as fun outings.

If you have questions about our half and full day Adult Day Service options at Woodside Place, please call 412-828-5600 or click here to contact us online.

To learn more about our our services, please contact us online or call us at 877-272-8147